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We are excellent at finding and fixing the errors and problems that make your book or website appear amateurish. We excel at finding inconsistencies in storyline, verb tense and more.

We can do a complete edit or a simple proofread. We can even help you to get your book published. We have many satisfied authors with books published on Amazon and elsewhere.

If you have video, still images, games, programs, or other creative products that need error-testing, give us a try. We are expert at finding and fixing flaws, inconsistencies, glitches, bugs, illogical links and other problems that manage to outfox creatives who are perhaps over-familiar with their work.

Our rate is US$28.00 or NZ$40.00 per hour, and we can usually proofread 16 pages per hour (one standard Word document page being 250 words). Editing of course takes longer than simple proofreading. Want a quote for a specific project? Email us. Want to know how much that is in your currency, where you live? Email us and we'll let you know.

A Few Present and Former Clients Include:

Freeman's Perspective, Chicago, Illinois, USA
The Nestmann Group, Phoenix, Arizona, USA and Vienna, Austria
Investor Junkie, Long Island, New York, USA
Mauldin Economics, Dallas, Texas, USA 
Casey Research, Delray Beach, Florida, USA
Oderings Garden Centres, Christchurch, New Zealand
Hard Assets Alliance, Stowe, Vermont, USA

  Book Authors:
Paul Rosenberg, "The Breaking Dawn" – Chicago, Illinois, USA
The Nestmann Group, "The Lifeboat Strategy" – Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The Guadalajara Reporter, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
The Sierra Star, Oakhurst, California, USA

  And More:
Sierra Online Games, Oakhurst, California, USA

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